Syed Farhan Muqtadir (Undergraduate Student) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
23 yrs old medico friend went for casual blood checkup as his weight was increased during lockdown and it was associated with symptoms like palpitations...increase in blood pressure...and SOB nyha- Class 2 ..echo and ecg came out to be normal except sinus tachycardia..which subsided later on changing lifestyle...the thing which he is concerned about is he noticed increase in haemoglobin upto 17.9g,RBC count of 6.1 percent increase of HCT compared to normal, overall wbc was normal With slight increase in absolute count of lymphocytes and basophills....after 2-3 days he went for another blood checkup from another lab suspecting polycythemia vera in which it showed haem-16.5g, one percent increase of HCT.. with NORMAL lymphocytes and basophills.. While taking history he said that the reason for NORMAL lympho and baso was becoz he had an abscess since 2 weeks on medial thigh when he went for 1 st blood checkup...and abscess got drain when he went for 2 nd blood checkup.. He later went for serum Erythropoietein which came to be normal (i.e 14 niu/ml)...Looking onto different values from different labs after a week went for another lab where hb showed 16.5g ..rbc count of 6.7 lakhs and slight one percent increase in HCT and rest other values were normal... Now what should we suspect for 16.5 g of haem and rbc of 6.7 lakhs with no symptoms and no other abnormal values.. Reports attached below for reference from 3 different labs numbering 1..2..3 along with normal serum Erythropoietein to proceed further in this case??
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