Dr. Balamurugan Shanmugam (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
23yrs/M, c/o mild B/L swelling of feet and face, diagnosed having membranous nephropathy in 2018. he used to take dytor 5mg,od regular follow up. now came to me for headache with vomiting. now the reports are: Wt 55kg BP 120/90 PPBS 110mg Ser.creat 5.74 BUN 30 eGFR <15ml/min Tot.Chol. 160 Trig 76 LDL 102 Na 144 K 3.9 Cl 107.5 craves for cool air, wants to wash his face with cold water, desires cold batting. shaking of legs which to be crossed always even in sleep craving for Salt during childhood constant to and fro motion of the body while sitting erect itching herpetic eruption over buttocks since 5 years sleeps on back with legs drawn up and crossing desire to bite his wife and child even friends constant motion of toes of feet restless legs which is to be crossed while sitting what's the scope of this case? what line of treatment to be given to this patient?
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