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1st ayurvedic surgery may transform medical world In an unprecedented experiment that ayurveda experts said was a "first in the world", a bunch of doctors successfully operated upon an 83-year-old man for prostatic surgery, removing a massive 240 gm of prostate, without using antibiotics This news caught my eyes and a memory got enlighten. Thought, i should share it with all. Late Dr. Yashawant bhagwat was a very good friend of my father (Vd. Ramesh Nanal) and my uncle (Late Vaidya Vilas Nanal) He was a Urologist of modern medicine. Around 35-40 years back when he got to know that surgeries can be done without antibiotics from my grand father (Late Vaidya M. P. Nanal) he started using ayurvedic medicines instead of antibiotics. The Ayurv3dic medicines were supplied to him by my grandfather from his personal clinic for few years. Later on Dr. Bhagwat shifted abroad and this practice stopped some how. The same concept is used by we Nanals in our own practices still now. Many of our patients are given ayurvedic medicines from our clinic which can be taken before and after the surgery, tooth extraction etc. Patients are told in advance that whenever they have to undergo such procedures then can simply drop in clinic and can collect medicines for a week or so. Regards Vd. Satyavrat Nanal Mumbai.
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