Dr. P Let (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Vipera affect the blood and blood vessels. Leading to haemorrhage and and and inflammation of the vessels themselves. Viper poisoning causes a temporary paraplegia of the lower extremities extending up ward. It is indicated in phlebitis. lymphangioma. Varicose veins, enlargement of liver, polyneuritis and polio- myelitis etc. The characteristic indication of this remedy is varicose veins and acute phlebitis is "*bursting sensation in affected limbs and unbearable pain when limbs are allowed to hang down", patient is obliged to keep the extremities elevated, Veins swollen, sensitive and painful with bursting sensation . The next important use of this remedy is in enlargement of liver when there is violent pain in the enlarged liver in jaundice and fever. Pain radiates to shoulder and hip.
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