Dr. Viva Bipin (Ayurveda) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 21 yr old male( hair stylist ) complained of less concentration on doing anything...!! He wants to reach great heights...!! But he himself is saying, it won't be possible with his calibre...!! His father had leukaemia. recovered...Mother died of Parkinson's disease at the age of 45..!! He gave a history of fall in infancy.. He doesn't know the details...!! He remembers as his mother's words..!! He came alone...He had been to a homeopath,was on some internal med...!! He plays PUBG...!! His appetite, bowels - not Satisfactory...!! Sleep- good...!! Eats more non- veg...!! He was a typical vata prakriti...Lean built,He had tied his hairs in a ponytail fashion,dry skin,during the conversation, he took the things on my table,repeatedly running his fingers over it. !! After talking to him for about 40 minutes... I considered the DD- GAD( Generalized Anxiety Disorder/ Anxiety Neurosis... Ayurvedically- DD - Chittodvega Vataja Unmada He was not ready to take any internal med as he was on homeo med...!! Advised him the necessity of Saatvika aahara Sadvrutta Vyayama,Regular Adhyayana of 15 minutes... Himasagara tailam for scalp Valiya chandanadi tailam for soles..!! Asked for follow-up...!!
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