Dr. Sepuri Krishna Mohan (Endocrinology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Dear my friends and fellow Colleagues, Here is an update on AZD1222, Vaccine for COVID-19 developed by Oxford University Researchers along with Researchers from SII, Serum Institute of India funded by UK Pharma Giant Astra Zeneca. An experimental Coronavirus Vaccine-AZD1222 developed by AstraZeneca & Oxford University Shows promising results in producing double immune response in form of Antibody production & T cell response. It has shown only minor adverse effects like Headache & Fever. Early clinical trial of 1077 adults. Lancet,July2020. SII, Serum institute India is likely to start clinical trials of Oxford Vaccine in August, 2020. Several Pharma Giant Companies are in the battle all over the world including Bharat Vaccines, Hyderabad, India. Let's wait and watch who wins the race. Huge money is involved in this Research and Bill Gates, Microsoft, USA is behind every Pharma Giant in the world in the quest of COVID-19 Vaccine, need less to say the ultimate winner is Bill Gates who ever comes out with a successful Vaccine against COVID-19. Regards and thanks, Dr Sepuri Krishna Mohan.
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