Dr. Hiral Maliwad (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Aphorism 40,41 A Two or more dissimilar diseases of equal strength, after acting for a long period, joins with each other and forms double complex disease in this state each disease occupies the most suitable and adoptable place in the same organism separately. In double complex disease, two dissimilar disease cannot share a common place inside the organism. But they try to occupy their suitable tissues or organs inside the body... Here I will add a case regarding to this you can corelate this aphorism with that case n to understand better way... (A case which is handled nicely by my mam... A pt is known mam's relative ) 21 yrs, pt was suffered from severe red skin rashes, severe painfull blisters n sores on the all over the body even eyes genitals also affected, pilling of the skin, odematous eyes and lips , burning while passing urine... Past H/O : reccurent cold n cough, some times skin complains... When ever any complaints arised pt use to go to different different clinics n used to takes a medicines... nothing else... According to dignostic evidence... That was case of a SJ syndrome , n u all know very well what is the SJ syndrome .Right , Pt was admitted at that time in ICU Here... A hahnemannean theory of double complex disease relate to this case... Due to the long continued allopathic medications this syndrome was a medicinal dz joins with the miasmatic dz n forms a double complex disease n leads the pt into worst condition... According to presenting totality... My mam gave him " APIS" in repeated dose... Within a 3 days a pt out of the ICU n admitted into the general opd...n now pt live a happily ever after... The apis is proved as a healer that case...
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