Dr. Ajeet Singh (Family Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 48 year old female presented to OPD with complaints of sweating on and off. She even had one episode of sweating in my chamber too. *History* She revealed that in June 2020, she had visited a local doctor for her complaints of weight loss etc and her TSH came out to be 5.8, after which doctor had put her on levothyroxine 50mcg. *Investigations* Her present thyroid function report reveals her as a case of hyperthyroidism. Her TSH is now 0.053 and T4 slightly elevated. *Management* My concerns are - 1) I have stopped her levothyroxine completely, and asked her to repeat TFT after 6 weeks? Is it ok? 2) Would it have been wise to start her on carbimazole?? Kindly give your valuable opinion
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