Dr. Narendra Kumar (Internal Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
*Chief complaint* A 41 y-o male presented with the complaint of acute onset of dyspnea for day with blood-tinged productive cough. *History* No past history or family history of pulmonary disease. No use of alcohol or tobacco He works in a leather factory. *Vitals* BP- 135/85 mmHg, Pulse- 89 beats/minute, Resp rate- 26 breaths/m, Temprature- 99.9 degree F, Oxygen saturation- 94% on room air. *Investigations* CBC, ESR, ANA, Urine analysis are wnl. Chest x-ray normal with elevation of left hemi-diaphragm. *Diagnosis* What is the most probable diagnosis? *Treatment* Please give your opinion on management of the patient.
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