Meenakshi Bisht (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A female aged 45 years came with following complaints 1. Burning in palms & soles more at night better by cold application 2. Diabetes since 3 years BS-R- 196 mg/dl On allopathic medicines 3. Indigestion, hard stools, flatulence more after eating fatty items LFT- normal CBC- Hb- 12.4 gm Appetite, thirst- normal Desire- sour, Aversion- no Stool- constipated Urine- normal Thermals- hot Menses- irregular heavy clotted bleeding Mentals problems with memory and concentration easily startled likes to be alone emotional doing job in a MNC Continuously thinks on silly matter angry rarely Suggest Treatment and Management Doctors
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