Dr. Narendra Kumar (Internal Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
*Chief Complaint* A 29 y/o male was referred for a non-resolving lung cavity. He also complains of productive cough with blood-streaked sputum. *History* He is a smoker for past 6 years and drinks alcohol occasionaly. He has h/o pulmonary tuberculosis and is on medication for the same. A PPD measured 25 mm of induration. *Examination* Cardiac and abdominal examination was wnl. *Investigations* WBC: 10,500 per mm3, Neutrophils 65% , Lymphocytes 15% and eosinophils 14%, hematocrit 50% Platelet count was 300,000 per mm3. Urea nitrogen was 15 mg /dl, and serum creatinine was 0.8 mg/dl *Treatment* Your views?
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