Dr. M V Subramanyam (Ayurveda) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
MODE OF ACTION OF NASYA KARMA Before the nasya karma sthanika abhyanga ( localized sedation) is given which helps in stimulation of vasodilator nerves which are spread out on the superficial surface of face, this increases the blood circulation to the brain. When the head is kept in lower position,it aids retention of medicine in nasopharynx and help in providing sufficient time for local drug absorption. When the nasya dravya are administered through the nasal cavity, the drug gets absorbed by the passive process across the cell wall directly through the cell membrane as lipid soluble medicine has greater passive absorption. Then the later transversion may be carried through capillaries and veins which stimulates Olfactory nerve which is connected with the higher centers of the brain like Limbic system, Basic ganglia and Hypothalamus which inturn stimulates endocrine and nervous system. Inviting more discussions from learned scholars. with regards Prof M V Subramanyam
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