Dr. Ravinderkaur Khurana (Obstetrics & Gynecology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Successfully deliveredwithout any complications, threept normally with previous Caesarean Section in d last 25-28 daz,at QRG Health CITY sec16 and neelam chowk, Faridabad, pt had a scar thickness of 3mm with a loop of cord around neck and other had 5mm previous scar thickness by (ultrasound)third wid scar thickness of 5.5mm she was covid positive at 37weeks and refused admission for elective LSCS by her doctor in Delhi,then they contacted me and I counselled her about covid and asked her to come if less movement or labour pains start SOS,if any problem occurs .I treated her for trichomoniasis.yesterday she came in active labourand delivered normally successfully.this was possible bcoz of my labour room team consisting of experience sister Renny,shivani „Revathi,siby under d guidance of sister Ruby, incharge along wid Dr Divya Kumar, SR Dr sweety and GDA Basically it's a team effort to accomplish such a task ,so l convey My heartfelt thanks to my team mates and hope to do such adventurous work in D future.all three pt were advised C section of pt, friend who is a makeup artist Sheetal KC too delivered 3.75kg second baby normally after first caesarean dec 2019.she was posted for elective surgery by ESI hospital,but then came to me .l waited for spontaneous labour and she delivered after about 5hours.
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