Dr. Ajeet Pal Singh (General Practice) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 70 year old retired male reported to OPD on 30.12.2020 as well on 03.01.2021 *Chief Complaints* 30.12.2020 - Increased frequency of urination both day and night 3.01.2021 - Increased frequency of urination both day and night, mild relief than before, but not that much *Vitals* BP on 30 Dec as well as today was 179/90, 170/90 Pulse was 54/min and today it was 60/min *Investigations* USG KUB(PVRU and Prostate Size) reveals Mild BPH *Management* I had started him on 30.12.2020 on - Tab. Telista CL OD Tab. Urimax D HS Today I changed his BP medicines too - Tab. Cilnidipine 10+ Telmisartan 40 + CH 12.5 OD Tab. Cilnidipine 10mg OD Tab Urimax D HS Tab Levoflox 750mg OD Kindly give your valuable comments on line of management esp. for BP in BPH patients? After how many days of Urimax D or Silodosin D patient feel some improvement in urine issues?
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