Dr. Rajendra Chauhan (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Female age 34 year Suffering from dis pigmentation of skin under arms-axilla&chest under side of breast both side from 6 years.witout any itching&burning. Left hand thumb nail colour change&breaking in pieces. Mild pain on affected nail on pressure Nail complaint from 5months only Fatty, flabby,dark colour, GT normal Thirst normal Office working job Perspiration++especially on face when she works hard like making food, cleaning of home. Normal to atmosphere Desire - like non veg. Weight 74 kg Past history suffering from fibroid uterus 7 mm 5 years ago became quiet well by my homoeo treatments Mother also suffering from hyperpigmentation of skin from about 20 years now she is quiet well from my homoeo treatments. According to patient skin colour of affected portion reduced then before. I prescribed her-Antim crude1m/3 dose once in 15 days Sepia30 tds,B.C.20 tds Give opinion & management Doctors Photographs atteched-
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