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Haematemesis Introduction:- Vomiting of blood occurs due to feeling too hot in the body, weakness of the body and wounds (ulcers) in the eyes. Cause:- This disease (vomiting of blood) occurs due to doing excessive physical works, excessive worry, exposure to excessive sunlight, getting hurt, bursting the artery by vomiting much, stomach sickness, burning of the duodenum, ulcers, cancer, malaria fever, dengue, measles (bodri), obstructing something hard in the food pipe, taking grains and sour things, spicy and excessive stimulant food stuffs. These eatables also causes blood poisoning and this type of blood starts coming out from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, penis, vagina, anus, etc. Symptoms:- In this disease, vomiting of blood occurs suddenly, vomiting is like that of coffee color. Blood comes additionally while normal vomiting. Before vomiting, the patient feels pain and heaviness in the duodenum. In this case, symptoms like indigestion, nauseate, salt taste, neuralgic weakness, long breath, laziness, tinkling in the head, etc.    Bleeding from the lungs and bleeding from the duodenum are different. Blood that comes from the duodenum is little black, clean and mixed with eaten food and the patient feels pain in the stomach and nauseate while vomiting. Blood that comes from the lungs is shiny red and like foam. Mucus mixed in the blood, blood does not come with loose motions. The patient feels difficulty in breathing and pain in his chest while vomiting. Drugs used in Haematemesis:- 1. Aconite- The patient, suffering from this disease, has many symptoms. The face of patient having enough blood in his body become red; pulse rate and heartbeats become fast; he feels nervousness, fever, pain in the duodenum before vomiting. Thus taking Aconite 3x is very beneficial in such symptoms. It provides benefit in vomiting of blood. 2. Millifolium- Well the patient remains in normal condition, but sometimes vomiting of shiny blood starts suddenly. Thus, taking Millifolium 1x or its mother tincture is very effective. 3. Ipecac- If the patient feels nauseate and shiny blood comes out in vomiting; cough starts after sometimes of vomiting that makes tastes as salty and water comes in the mouth, etc., using Ipecac 3x or 6 is very beneficial in such symptoms. 4. Crotalus- If vomiting resembling black color blood takes place; bleeding from all the organs of the body; blood also starts coming from pores; blood takes long time in clotting, etc., taking Crotalus 6 in such symptoms is very effective. Vomiting of blood is also due to boils or cancer. Thus, giving Crotalus 6 is very beneficial in such symptoms. 5. Crotus- If the patient vomits blood; black and thick blood comes in vomiting; blood is clotted after vomiting, etc., giving Crotus 30 provides relief in such symptoms. 6. Hamamelis- If the patient is suffering from symptoms like- fast pulse rate and shivering along with vomiting of black color blood, coming roaring sound from the stomach, becomes weak due to additional bleeding, etc., taking Hamamelis 1 provides relief in this disease. For getting soon relief, this drug should be taken at an interval of every 15-15 minutes. 7. Arnica- If blood comes in vomiting as clot and disease aggravates by eating and drinking; bleeding starts due to working hard and any type of injury, thus taking Arnica 3x or 30 is very useful in the case of bleeding due to these reasons. 8. Arsenic- In the case of vomiting of blood, the patient feels difficulty in breathing; the face becomes dirty; heartbeats become fast; burning sensation starts in the body; he feels violent thirst; pulse becomes weak and fast, etc., taking Arsenic 3x provides relief in such symptoms. 9. China- If the patient is suffering from additional blood in vomiting causing weakness in his body; due to weakness, the hands and legs fall cold and he becomes unconscious after becoming pulse weak, etc., giving China 3 or 30 is very effective in such symptoms. In this disease, following drugs are also used for getting soon relief besides other drugs like- Phosphorus 6, Secale 2x or 3, Crocus 2x, Belladonna 6, Ferrum 6, etc. If the patient has the symptoms of unconsciousness with fast heartbeats and blood comes out during cough or with spit, Carbo-veg 6 is given to him. Other treatment:-         If the patient is suffering from vomiting of blood, he should take complete rest and should put on light and loose clothes. He should sleep by keeping his legs up. He should suck ice cubes or drink ice water and ice should be rubbed on the stomach by tying it in a piece of cloth. We should give sago, barley, arrowroot or little milk, etc. with drugs until vomiting of blood stops.
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