Dr. Mehul Nayak (Obstetrics & Gynecology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Interesting case of face/brow presentation delivered normally.all Credit goes to GOD THE ALMIGHTY. *Chief Complaints* 3rd gravida patient referred from general referral hospital to our hospital as case of non progress of labour.HIGH RISK CONSENT TAKEN ON PAPPER. *History* Patient has not taken proper antinatal treatment except one visit at govt hospital. *Vitals* HR120/ min, BP 136/86 mm of hg, FETAL HEART SOUND- 186/MIN *Physical Examination* P/A-Utrus full term, severe contraction every 5 to 10 min P/V- on general PV examination fetal brow felt, cervix 4 to 5 cm , membrane absent. *Investigations* Full antenatal blood profile sent. *Diagnosis* Face to public delivery conducted.mother baby well.
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